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The Purple Butterfly of Hope Foundation

Mission Statement

The Sydney Wood Purple Butterfly of Hope Foundation is committed to helping families and individuals in memory of Sydney’s generous and vibrant spirit.

Vision Statement

Through the continued efforts of fundraising we hope to provide funds to b.r.a.i.n child and other organizations who require assistance. We will be encouraging healthy and active lifestyles by sponsoring children pursuing athletic achievement for the love of the game as Sydney always did.


The Purple Butterfly of Hope foundation

The Purple Butterfly of Hope foundation was established in 2014 to honor the memory of Sydney Wood. Sydney, a carefree girl with endless enthusiasm for life, died unexpectedly from a brain tumor on August 20th, 2012. She was 11-years-old.

The foundation has been set up by Sydney’s family to preserve her memory and to continue the fight against brain tumors on her behalf. Through fundraising, we are able to support charities that are working on combating the condition, as well as fund athletic achievement projects that benefit children with the same love for sport as Sydney.

Below, you can find out more about us and what inspires us. You can also learn a little more
about Sydney, and discover how you can be a part of her story.

Why we do what we do

There are no words to describe how it feels losing a child. Their passing leaves a hole in the heart that will never be filled.

Sydney’s parents know this feeling well. Sadly, so too do many other parents. This year alone, 4,300 children will be diagnosed with a brain or Central Nervous System (CNS) tumor. Within 5 years, almost 70% of those children will die.

Everybody here at our foundation feels that working unwearyingly to help children and families affected by this devastating disease is the very best way to honor Sydney’s life.

How we're helping

We believe that one day, cancer will be beaten. Tragically, that day will be too late for Sydney.

Our hope though is that it doesn’t come too late for many other children just like her.

We hope to work with you to make that dream a reality. Our foundation collects donations on behalf of charities researching a cure for brain cancer as well as other charities in the community.

Our special charity we patron is b.r.a.i.n.Child. This incredible charity supports the families of children diagnosed with a brain tumor, and provides comfort, information, and advocacy throughout the difficult period.

How we help children outside of the hospital

Sydney was inspiring because she spent her life doing what she loved.

One of the things dearest to her heart was sport. As an enthusiastic basketball player, Sydney was most at home on the court with the ball in her hands.

We want to keep that part of Sydney alive forever. To do that we’re trying to help as many children as possible enjoy the freedom of sport. As a much-loved teammate, Sydney got great pleasure out of seeing others enjoy the games she treasured.

That’s why our charitable intentions extend far beyond the hospital and all the way to the sports field. It’s our goal to sponsor as many children as we can in their athletic endeavors, so they too can experience the same joy when living actively as Sydney did.

Remembering Sydney Wood

Sydney was a daughter, a sister, a granddaughter, a niece, a friend, a classmate, and a team mate. Her loss is still felt profoundly today.

Greg and Sue Wood, Sydney’s parents, have been coming to terms with their daughter’s passing since that fateful summer’s day. One way they remain close to their precious Sydney is through the running of The Purple Butterfly of Hope Foundation. Seeing Sydney’s vibrancy and fighting spirit passed on to others means her memory will always live on.


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